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Research & Technical Writing Workshop

Info for Attendees

If you no longer plan to attend, please contact Amanda VerMeulen (

If you are not registered for all three sessions, please consider attending as many as you can, even if you mix and match morning and afternoon sections. To add additional sections, please contact Amanda VerMeulen (

Where to Go

Library 306 (on the third floor)

If you need help finding the room, someone at the first floor desk will be happy to direct you!

What to Bring

Laptop, if possible (this should make exercises easier)

Any writing on which you want to work - writing from any stage, whether you have a full draft or just an idea

Things to Think About

Note: There are no right or wrong answers here!!

What is the purpose of the writing you are bringing to this workshop and how is it different from writing you've done in other classes?

At what stage in your writing (organizing, drafting / writing, revising, etc.) would you like to meet for your 30-minute individual session?