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Information Literacy & Pedagogy Toolkit for Librarians

IL Focus for Core 101 & 301

The Information Literacy focus for Core 101 & 301 is on information exploration & evaluation. 

Rooted in a spirit of critical inquiry, students will have the opportunity to explore information both in and out of the library, in print and online, with a focus on research as an iterative, exploratory process. Students will also be introduced to basic principles of information evaluation in relation to a specific purpose/audience.

Lesson Plans, Activities, and Assignments

Lesson plans, learning activities, and assignments centered on the Core IL focus can be found on the Core 101 & 301 Faculty Toolkit.

Assessment Results

Fall 2015 Assessment

In Fall 2015 the librarians conducted student learning assessment of the revised Core 101 & 301 learning outcomes (revised Spring 2016). This included a behavioral survey at the start of the semester, a similar survey at the end of the semester, and a rubric-based evaluation of a sample of student essays.

Start of semester survey results

End of semester survey results

Fall 2013 Assessment

In 2013 the librarians, in collaboration with the Writing Center and Core Curriculum administrators conducted a information literacy student learning assessment as a part of the ACRL Assessment in Action Program. Methods, assessment tools and results are available online at the project website.