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When you need to find a way to carry out your research

Types of Measures

Published Tests are distributed and sold as stand-alone tests or testing kits by commercial vendors. The purchase of these tests is often limited to advanced degree holders for use in research or clinical/diagnostic practice.

To learn more about Published Tests and identify where they can be purchased, browse the following books:

Unpublished Tests are developed by scholars for their own research and are not published as stand-alone tests or kits by commercial vendors. These are typically available free of charge and can be found in books or journal articles, or obtained by contacting the author of the test. 


Books with Instruments

Psychology Dept. Assessment Library

The SMCM Psyc. Dept. has its own library of assessment tools. If you are in need of a manual for a particular test or just want to browse the collection, contact Angie Draheim.

You can use test manuals in the assessment library to help you code or score data but in order to comply with the copyright laws of these published tests, you, or the department on your behalf, will have to order survey booklets or response sheets to distribute to your participants. Links to test publishers are available on the PsycSMP Blackboard site.