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MATH 200

A few idiosyncracies of the AMC Digital Library ...

Advanced Searching

The ACM Digital Library is a powerful tool and to best leverage all the available features, start searching in the Advanced Search mode. 

Words or Phrases

How does "all of this text," "any of this text" and "none of this text" differ?

all of this text (and)

If you searched for "charles lutwidge dodgson logic" you search would really look like:

charles AND lutwidge AND dodgson AND logic

which would retrieve results that used all of those words somewhere in the title, abstract or body of the text.

any of this text (or)

The same search, "charles lutwidge dodgson logic" would look like:

charles OR lutwidge OR dodgson OR logic

and therefore would harvest a greater number of results, but results that are less likely to be about Charles Lutwidge Dodgon and logic.

none of this text (not)

This option works completely differenlty than the other two.  Any text you enter into this box will automatically be excluded from your results.  You could search something like this:

all of this text - charles lutwidge dodgson

none of this text - linear algebra

to find information about Dodgson's mathematics, but remove any results relating to linear algebra

Is it relevant?

Click on the item's title to learn more about the article! 

When you're browsing a list of results, try clicking on an article's title to find helpful information including:

Abstract (summary of the article and a quick way to determine if the article is relevant to your topic)

References (sources the author(s) found useful - you could find those same sources to learn more about the topic)

Cited by (more recent publications which could also be relevant to your research)