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LaTeX Guide


LaTeX is pronounced many ways: lay-tech and lah-tech are the most popular

How to Use this Guide

This guide is a collection of useful tools for learning how to use LaTeX.

The Set Up page helps you install LaTeX on your computer (Mac, PC, or Linux) or how to use LaTeX online (storing your documents in the cloud).

The Learning to Use LaTeX page is a list of useful sources (websites and books) to get started writing LaTeX documents. There are also helpful examples and some videos on writing in LaTeX.

After you are comfortable using LaTeX, there are useful extensions to LaTeX -- including equation editors that create equations to use in presentations and other non-LaTeX documents and a powerful graphic system.

About the Guide

This guide is a collection of useful resources that Erin De Pree, Associate Professor of Physics at St. Mary's College of Maryland, has found or been given over the years.

Dr. De Pree has been using LaTeX for about 10 years. Five years ago, she began teaching her physics students how to write up their homework using LaTeX. She decided to put the useful resources on LaTeX in one place for easy access.

To read more about Dr. De Pree's research and teaching, please visit her website.