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Arts and Humanities Research Guide

How to find books, DVDs, newspapers and journal articles in Spanish, French, German and Chinese

Finding DVDs

To find DVDs at the SMCM Library use the command line search in the library catalog.
1. Go to the Advanced Search screen of the SMCM or USMAI catalog.
2. Choose the command search link at the top or scroll to the bottom of the page. The last search box is the command search.
3. The format of the search is

wlp='target language code' and wty=fd.

Copy and paste the searches below for DVDs in a specific language.
Spanish DVDs: wlp=spa and wty=fd
French DVDs: wlp=fre and wty=fd
German DVDs wlp=ger and wty=fd
Chinese DVDs: wlp=chi and wty=fd

Finding Books

1. Go to the Advanced Search screen of the SMCM or USMAI catalog.
2. Under 'language', choose your language. (French, Spanish, German or Chinese)
3. Enter your keywords, title or author  and search as usual.

Are you still getting books with lots of English content? Use the "wlp" command search at the bottom of the Advanced Search page to exclude books with substantial English text.

wlp=fre and wty=bk and wrd=history [retrieves books in French about history].

See the catalog tips for the full list of special limiting codes.

Finding Journal Articles

Most Arts & Humanities databases allow you to limit by language. Use the Advanced Search feature and select the language to search.

Spanish Language Resources

      Search in Spanish for journal and newspaper articles.

French Language Resources

      Search in French for newspaper articles and historic texts.

German Language Resources

      Search in German for newspaper articles.