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Support & Solidarity for SMCM Students: Information and Resources

St. Mary's Wellness Center

The Wellness Center offers free counseling services to students. Counselors and Peer Health Educators have tips for self-care and managing stress. Due to Covid-19 safety protocols, the Wellness Center is closed for most in-person services. Counseling and Psychological Services is offering scheduled sessions via Zoom. Students can call (240) 895-4289 or email their counselor to schedule an appointment. If you are new to counseling or would like an urgent (same-day) or next-day appointment, email Director Laurie Scherer at 

The 24/7 Counseling Helpline remains active and available to all students, on and off campus. Call (240) 895-4200.

The Wellness Center also has several resources for self-help/self-care available online. 

If urgent care is needed when the Wellness Center is closed, please refer to their after hours care & response page. Remember: Help is always available.

Support for Survivors of Unwanted Sexual Experiences

St. Mary's has confidential support services for students who are survivors of unwanted sexual experiences. If you, or someone you know needs support, you can contact 

Additionally, there are off-campus support services such as