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Core 101 & 301 Faculty Toolkit

Support Model

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In order to provide more consistent and effective support for Core 101 and Core 301, the Library and the Writing & Speaking Center are in the process of refocusing their support models to emphasize faculty and peer mentor training.



Writing & Speaking Center

Instead of providing in-class instruction as we have done in the past, the Center will focus on training Core seminar instructors to design and deliver similar instruction. Additionally, the Center will begin training peer mentors in how to connect students with our services. We hope this new support model will allow instructors to better integrate writing in their courses, and we also hope it will train students to utilize our services in a manner that more closely mirrors how they will use them after completing their Core seminars.

The Center has also compiled a list of 10 Tips for Teaching Writing in the FYS. This is not an exhaustive or universal list, but we have found these techniques to be generally beneficial in FYS writing instruction.



We are testing new support models in fall 2017, with the intention of providing more intensive training for Core faculty and Peer Mentors in fall 2018 on conducting IL workshops. We will maintain the librarian liaison model for fall 2017 and provide the following options:

  • Traditional: librarian will work with a core instructor to teach 2 workshops for their section (one on information exploration and the other on information evaluation).
  • Training: librarian will work with instructor & peer mentor to incorporate IL into assignments and the course, and offer training on leading IL workshops.
  • A Little of Both: librarian will work with instructor & peer mentor to help them incorporate info exploration into seminar, but will also teach an info evaluation workshop.

People Who Can Help

There's always someone available to help you incorporate writing and information literacy into your seminar. Whether you need assistance with assignment design, in-class learning activities, or assessment, we can help.